"Pray Through It" Cross Bracelet

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Whenever you feel overwhelmed,
Always remember to
PRAY on it, PRAY over it, and PRAY through it.

A symbol of your personal connection to the divine, reminding you to pause, breathe, and offer prayers of gratitude and supplication. As each prayer is whispered, every burden is lifted, and a profound sense of peace and comfort washes over your soul.

May it serve as a gentle reminder that you are never alone, for He walks beside you, guiding your steps, and embracing you with unconditional love. Embrace this treasured piece and let it ignite the flame of faith within your heart, illuminating your path with hope and filling your soul with immeasurable joy.

Beautifully handcrafted from S925 Sterling Silver.

Our bracelets are not only adorable and durable, they are also Nickel-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free, and hypoallergenic. 

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