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The Helm of Awe or Aegishjalmur is one of the popular runic symbols mentioned in 17th-century Icelandic grimoires (books of spells).
It is also one of those Viking symbols that are often associated with the fortitude to overcome fears so warriors used it as a talisman. It was said to protect them during battles.
According to the grimoires, the Aegishjalmur symbol was often seen among Viking warriors because of the mentioned reasons.Back then, they would draw the symbol on the space between their eyes before going into battle.
Sometimes they would even use blood to draw the Aegishjalmur in this particular location.
Legend has it that by marking themselves in that area, it would interact with the pineal gland, which is said to be the center of the Viking soul.
In the grimoires, the pineal gland is also said to be where a person’s ‘third eye.’

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